About Us

KK inflatable limited was found in 2001 year and has been at the forefront of innovation, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of a wide range of inflatables according to European standard with environmental protection material. We have creative design team, good-skilled workers, advanced machines and professional sales executives to satisfy your all requirement. Here is your best choice. Our former name is Seven Star inflatable manufacturing factory.
As a professional supplier and manufacture of inflatables, we clearly know that perfect quality is our customers' main requirements, so we make sure to provide the qualified and excellent product. Meanwhile, on the road of constantly development and innovation, we create and research more styles for your choice.



  • Let Children Play Very Happy Let Children Play Very Happy

    After the heavy rain, the weather gets cooler, and many investors who operate water entertainment facilities must now also want to increase their income when they are prepared to invest in other facilities. Then the water walking ball will be a good choice.

  • A New Type Of Entertainment A New Type Of Entertainment

    Want to surf in the world of ocean ball? Do you want to play in Ocean Ball world? Want to play in the ocean ball free slapstick it? Come and give your kids a quiet and playful play! Ocean Ball a new type of entertainment, bring joy to children. Bring the children a brilliant smile!

  • Easy To Install, Easy To Carry, Light Weight Easy To Install, Easy To Carry, Light Weight

    Inflatable Inflatable, enriched the public's horizons, but also to the public has brought convenience in the above advertising, cost savings, effort and effort to achieve the publicity effect is good, the key is that these products are very cute, people can not help but want to take pictures .

  • Prevent Inflatable Water Park Safety Problems Prevent Inflatable Water Park Safety Problems

    Summer inflatable water park business is very explosive, it is obvious to all, but behind the investors are more troubled by a problem that is how to make their own inflatable water park, water slide more durable it.