Advertising Inflatable Air Dancer Man

7m High Heavy Duty Inflatable Air Dancer Man With Custom Logo For Promotion Inflatable Sky Dancer Is made of the rip stop nylon material(parachute material) which has a special UV protection that makes the inflatable fly tube more durable under the sun. This material has good ripping resistance...

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Product Details

Inflatable Sky Dancer is made of the rip stop nylon material(parachute material) which has a special UV protection that makes the inflatable fly tube more durable under the sun. This material has good ripping resistance performance.

Types of air dancers 

Air Tube - Our budget Air Tube is simply an inflatable tube that sits over the axial fan which can be branded and comes in a variety of different colours. Suitable for customers who want to attract attention but have less money to spend on marketing or advertising their business.

Single Leg Air Dancer - Single Leg sky dancer, which is cheaper in price than the double leg version. Although smaller in overall design than the double leg, it can be made in a range of sizes from 3 meters upto 8 meters tall, so will still have a dramatic impact. It is also significantly cheaper as only one fan is required for inflataion.
 Double Leg Air Dancer - This type of inflatable Sky dancer is mostly more than 5 meters dynamic moving characters, who dance and move in the air as the fans push air quickly from the base of the feet upto and out of the top of the head and arms causing the arms to rise and fall causing the inflatable to 'dance' around in the wind.

Product description

Item name

Inflatable sky dancer/Inflatable air dancer


Rip-stop nylon, also called parachute material (Buying and thickness test by our skillful QC staff)


3m-8m tall

How to work

The dancer work with a vortex motor that blow air up into the dancer and Keep its shape.


16 different color for your choice


Heavy duty nylon thread double stitched everywhere


1. Blower are UL or CE approved in110V~240V with various kinds of plugs for different countries.
2. Vinyl glue water
3. Repair patches
4. Safety rules


All items one by one checking. Details checking, photos for proof.


Inflatable toys in strong PVC tarpaulin bags and blowers in cartons.

Five Tips

1. About the price you wanna compare,the best way is you have a specific design of the air dancer.
Then for the same design air dancer,all the price you get have the comparability.
2. About the air dancer,need the soft,light material can make a good air dancer.We use the professional rip-stop nylon(professional parachute material ),it meets the soft,light,intesity high,durability the features.

  • And about the logo printing,we has no color fading phenomenon,

Because we use the professional nylon printing ink.
 But most of the factories use wrong printing ink result in the color fading after some while.
4. The wind spin from the blower,usually will make the air dancer cant dance and will twist together.We adopt a way
to make the wind out from the blower not spin,so the air dancer can dance well not twist together.(our special way).
5. Another very important is the sewing way.We use the sewing to impose line(the scoregroove) make the air dancer will not rip.

Quality controlling

1. We test each product for 3 days to ensure the toys seamed exactly well.
2. We provide repair kit, which including material and for repiring in case.
3. We will not only guide you to repair it within all the life of the toy,but also if the toy broken within 2 years due to the non-artificial factors,
We will make compensation for them accordingly.


Unique design for you. help you draw more attentions


  • Can be used all year round

  • Runs for 14p per day for a duration of 6 hours a day

  • No street planning permission required Rain and wind friendly Set up in minutes

  • Low noise

  • Security features

  • Velcro fittings for quick change

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