Inflatable Carport Garage

Inflatable Carport Garage

Rainbow inflatable arch is widely used in commercial exhibitions, promotional activities, beautiful, elegant, noble design features to meet the quality of your business activities. Customized tent buildings, quick and convenient disassembly, cost-effective high-end solutions, to meet your continued interest in a variety of business activities. Professional tents for the construction and sale of tent companies. The company adopts advanced technology, high-tech materials, from the design, technology, materials, structural fire protection, windproof and other security levels and stability of the strict use of advanced technology, the company has a number of professional building elite, to provide you with creativity. Avis. Concise and meticulous service

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inflatable carport garage

A portable inflatable garage can be inflated and parked at any time to park the vehicle. When not in use, it can be deflated, folded, stored, used and carried conveniently. The two sides of the inflatable layer, the front and the back, the top can be connected as a whole, the one side is a door, the side is fixedly connected with the top and the front side, and the door passes through the connecting piece and the canopy, the front of the other The side activities are integrally connected, and the front door is also movably connected with a door and a gas nozzle through a connecting member. The garage is simple to manufacture, easy to mass-produce, low in cost, and has doors and doors on it, making it convenient for people and cars to enter and exit. On each side of the garage, there are sticky lines and evenly connected air passages and connecting passages which are evenly arranged according to a certain rule, and only need to be inflated once to form, and the strength is high. There are also elastic ropes fastened to the tires, which are not easy to be dumped or blown away by strong winds, and are safe and reliable to use. It can be used to inflate the nozzle, and it can be folded and collected when the nozzle is deflated, and the volume is small and the weight is light.

Brand Name KK Iinflatable
Size customized
PVC thickness/Width 0.9mm/2.06mm
PVC tenside strength 2732 warp
PVC tear sthength 391 warp s
Printing technology Digitally printing or hand printing is available
Blower 220-240v / 110-120v / CE /UL
AccessoriesBlower safety rules carry bags repair kits spikes ramp banner card holder
Packing0.9mm Plato PVC durable for inflatable products exported standard carton for blower
Price depends on the quality, quantity and the size demands
Certification CE, EN14960, SGS, UL, ROHS
Minimum Order Quantity 1 piece
Lead time7-10 days for small order, 20-25 days for bulk order.
Payment Terms T/T40% deposit and 60% before delivery
Warranty 3-5 years


The advantages of our 0.55mm PVC material(Details please check our PVC standard test report):

Low toxicity and environmental protection heavy metal contain qualify the international starndarder.
*Flame retardant&high tenperature resistance highest up to 70℃.
Cold resistance lowest up to -30℃. 
UV resistance never change color for 10 years when put outside.

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