Inflatable Model Of Yellow Duck On Water

Inflatable Model Of Yellow Duck On Water

Product simulation model: enlarged several times according to the object, the effect is more realistic, reproducing the true and perfect feeling of the product. Mascot and cartoon image model: In production, according to the needs of customers, product model can be combined with mascot and cartoon image. This kind of model has been adopted by many businessmen because of its vivid, cordial, lovely and dynamic characteristics. It can give people a sense of vitality, very eye-catching, can make the public in the subtle acceptance of a product. Action Puppet: This is a cartoon image of action advertising characters, which can let people have internal operation. If such media are distributed in promotional activities and used in presenting propaganda materials, it can greatly shorten the distance between businesses and consumers, and the happy atmosphere it creates will remain in people's memory for a long time.

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Inflatable model of yellow duck on water

The advantages of our 0.9mm PVC material(Details please check our PVC standard test report):

Low toxicity and environmental protection

heavy metal contain qualify the international starndarder

Flame retardant&high tenperature 


highest up to 70℃.

Cold resistance

lowest up to -30℃.

UV resistance

never change color for 10 years when put outside.

Brand Name

KK Iinflatable



PVC thickness/Width


PVC tenside strength

2732 warp

PVC tear sthength

391 warp s

Printing technology

Digitally printing or hand printing is available


220-240v / 110-120v / CE /UL


Blower safety rules carry bags repair kits spikes ramp banner card holder


0.55mm Plato PVC durable for inflatable products exported standard carton for blower


depends on the quality, quantity and the size demands


CE, EN14960, SGS, UL, ROHS

Minimum Order Quantity

1 piece

Lead time

7-10 days for small order, 20-25 days for bulk order.

Payment Terms

T/T40% deposit and 60% before delivery


3-5 years

Inflatable model of yellow duck image:

A.Material: Generally speaking (except for customization requirements), we only provide first-class information, that is, European and American level (environmental protection, safety).

B. machine: Hailing

C. Needle spacing: European and American standards are 4.5-5 needles/inch. If there is inner edge, it will be looser. Too much will easily cause tearing, too little just leaks faster.

D. Product producer: 18 years old brand, workers have many years of production experience, familiar with all kinds of gas mold production (science and technology - practical experience - standards, norms)

The quality of the E. line: the Bondi 9 strand line used by real European and American standards.

F. painting or graphic design: digital printing and artificial painting (production according to requirements)

G. tailoring: manual cutting and easy skew will result in lower quality of products.

H. Designer's Level: Years of design experience, rich practical experience of various products, exchange and study with customized customers in various industries, with advanced design concepts



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