Inflatable Bouncy Castle

Inflatable Bouncy Castle

inflatable bouncy castle

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inflatable bouncy castle description

The bouncy castle is an inflatable play equipment with a castle shape. It is made of environmentally friendly and soft double-network double-sided mesh pvc fabric. In the case of sealing, the fan is continuously supplied with air to maintain the shape of the product. It is available for children to play. The shape is designed according to the popular cartoon cartoon characters in the market, and is loved by children because of its cute and unique shape.


The large inflatable castle amusement park is a new generation of entertainment facilities. It is designed according to the characteristics of children. It contains slides, various animal shapes and rich entertainment projects, which are very popular among children. It is safe, comprehensive, ornamental, novel, colorful, durable and scientifically produced through a three-dimensional combination of super tarpaulin, which is a comprehensive entertainment paradise. Through the novel activities such as turning, rolling, climbing, shaking, shaking, jumping, and drilling, the player achieves the purpose of developing intelligence, exercising the body, and enjoying the body and mind. This product is welcomed by buyers because of its randomness and non-powered device, safe and reliable, simple management and convenient maintenance.


1. When using a fan to inflate the bouncy castle, please pay attention to whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the product description.

2. The chassis should be connected to a reliable ground wire and it needs to be inspected regularly. Install the air inlet of the fan on the protective net to avoid a safety accident.

3. When collecting the inflatable castle, turn off the power supply, open the interface of the fan and the exhaust port. The exhaust time of the castle is generally about half an hour (depending on the size of the castle), and the residual gas should be manually squeezed. If there is water in the rain, you must first remove the water and dry it.

4, the inflatable castle should be cleaned and disinfected regularly, you can use the washing powder to wash the castle, after removing the stains should be washed with water, and then dry.

5. If the castle is not used for a long time, you should pay attention to the folding, bundling and packing of the castle after cleaning. The storage temperature should be -50~+40 degrees Celsius. And pay attention to prevent the rat from breaking the castle.

6, should pay attention to prohibiting young children to play exciting projects.

7. Avoid excessive age differences and prevent collisions between older children and young children.

8. Managers should supervise at any time to teach children to follow the rules of the game and prevent accidents.

9. In case of wind, rain and other weather, the use of inflatable castles in the open air should be prohibited to avoid accidents.

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