Inflatable Commercial Bouncy Castle

The inflatable bouncer is designed based on children's love of jumping and close contact with cartoon animals. It includes naughty room, slide, trampoline and other entertainment items, which are deeply loved and welcomed by children.

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inflatable commercial bouncy castle

All the materials used by kkinflatable. are 0.48mm standard thick PVC coating screening materials. The sliding cloth and other stress surfaces are made of 0.55mm standard thickness of PVC coating screening material. All of them have passed the strict national quality inspection procedures, and meet the international EN-71 fire and flame retardant standards, and the EU ROH environmental protection and low toxicity standards. Material conforms to the export standards of all countries in the world. No harm to children, environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless, and flame retardant performance is also very good.

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 Specifications:All designs can be customized, according to customer needs to design different specifications, sizes, color matching products. Common colors are red, yellow, light blue, dark blue, purple, white, black, gray, dark green, light green and other colors. The normal thickness is 0.55mm, 0.5mm, 0.45mm, etc. Design and produce according to customer's requirement.

   Material: high strength polymer composite PVC mesh cloth, anti-aging test passed, in line with the international EN-71 fire retardant standards, EU ROH environmental protection and low toxicity standards. The material conforms to the export standard of all countries in the world.


(1) When playing, be sure to set up "play warning slogan" beside the air model;

(2) It is strictly prohibited for older children to play with young children to avoid collision and extrusion accidents;

(3) It is strictly prohibited for children to play in large Numbers, causing congestion;

(4) In rain, snow, wind and other weather, it is strictly prohibited to use the equipment outdoors to avoid accidents.

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