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 KK inflatable



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Minimum Order Quantity:

1 pc

Delivery Time:

15 days

Payment Terms:

Western Union, T/T,

Product Description


biggest inflatable slide


0.55mm PVC tarpaulin






CE/UL Blower And Repair Material


1 pc


Double-tripple Stitch Everywhere Plus Extra Reinforcements By Pvc Stripes

Delivery terms

By air, by sea, or by express

Payment terms

T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal

Trade Term

 EXW Price


High quality PVC material which is fire retardant and waterproof


Great for party, clubs, commercial rental and etc.


Inflatable item can be put into strong PVC bags, blower for carton

Safety instructions for inflatable play equipment


All equipments in the windless state need to be weighted at the bottom to ensure the absolute stability of the product. Under the wind of level 4 or above, it is necessary to configure the cable-stayed windproof rope to prevent rollover, displacement and overturning.

Rainproof and waterproof:

All equipment is strictly prohibited under bad weather conditions such as rain, snow and hail.

Leakage prevention:

The continuous air supply equipment needs to be turned off for 15 minutes after the continuous operation for 15 hours for the fan to cool. All the power plugs and live equipment of the product need to be insulated to prevent leakage. The fan is strictly forbidden to touch and move.

Water leakage prevention:

If there is water leakage in the inflatable swimming pool, check the size of the water leakage. If the water leakage is too large, stop using it. If the slight leakage does not affect the surrounding environment, repair the leakage at night.

Anti-smashing water:

The swimming pool equipment should not exceed 45CM. The swimming pool needs to be equipped with lifeguards for full care. It is found that the abnormal situation of the players needs to be rescued in time. The lifeguards must have basic and first aid knowledge.

Prevent accidental puncture injuries:

When you play, you are required to prohibit the use of sharp objects such as stick tools, hard toys, sunglasses key chains and other hard items.

Fall prevention:

The play site must be equipped with personnel to maintain the order of play, to prevent the players from doing all kinds of dangerous actions such as backsliding, jumping from the height of the product, climbing and jumping off the non-climbing parts of the product.

It is forbidden to prevent multiple people from sliding at the same time, standing at the end of the slide slide, and all kinds of dangerous behaviors that do not meet the safety pre-judgment standards.

Prevent human damage

The use of the product is strictly prohibited, malicious power cuts, knife cutting, forced displacement, vehicle impact, throwing foreign objects in the pool, damage to the motor and other accessories, dissemination of terrorist information, etc., causing all adverse consequences.

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