Ice Snow World Children's Playground Commercial Inflatable Slide

Kids are fun! Small toys, video games and outdoor amusement are children's favorite things. However, among many children's toys, inflatable slides are especially popular with children. There are many products with slides as amusement items in plazas and amusement parks, such as naughty castle slides, inflatable water slides and inflatable castle slides.

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Ice snow world children's playground commercial inflatable slide

KK formally has been in inflatable business for 18 years, and most of our material and accessory suppliers have coorperated with us more than 10 years, so we can save a lot of money on the raw materials and accessories, plus 18 years of experience on the production line,all the money saved from materials can be benifited to our customers. 


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2000 year

1. Prepare the inflatable factory and test the market.

2. Maily focus on domestic market.

3. Factory only has 700 square meter.

2001 year

1. Built up Qixing Inflatable factory, the predecessor of KK Inflatable factory.

Officially took oversea countries orders from trading company.

2003 year

1. Communicated with European and American customers through Google platform.

2. Exteemly strict quality control to pass Europe and USA standards.

3. Creat our product design and development team to offer specialitys. 

2005 year

1. Expand our factory exceed 10000 square meter.

2. Applied for and passed CE/UL and SGS certificate.

3. Massive of our inflatable products exported to Europe, USA and Mid East.

2008 year

1. Undertake advertising products for Swiss European championship football match, and become the only manufacturer of inflatable products exported to Switzerland in China.

2. Custom-made outdoor tents for the annual meeting of the Portuguese government.

3. Create the first water park in Zhuzhou,Hunan, China.

2010 year

1. Introduce that first high-temperature welding machine to advance the quality product.

2. Make the first SU-27 prototype of high-temperature closed gas, and become the first in the industry.

2012 year

1. Break the myth of the overseas, we were the No.1 manufacturer to design and produce the first inflatable water park in China.

2. Meanwhile Creat a myth of profitable style inflatable water park.

3. Built Kingke Sport brand to specialized in running water park business. 

2014 year

1. Creat Toad Wentai model for Tengxun, famous all over the world, Included by baidu encyclopedia.

2. Launched "dancing water drop" together with hangzhou CPPCC and crossover artist ma xingwen, had been displaying in Hangzhou West lake Expo for 3 years.

2015-2017 year

1. Design and produce more than 10 projects of 15 thousand square meter inflatable water parks by ourselve.

2. Design and produce more than 300 cases of inflatable amusements.

3. To build a cultural tourism project for the largest MEIKARTA central park in Indonesia.

4.Creat Bonbon Land for the National Music Festival of Ruifeng Group. 


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