Pink Inflatable Multi-channel Slide

The characteristics of the inflatable pool are low production cost, high investment return, good air tightness, high strength, durability, easy maintenance, and tear resistance. If an inflatable tank is used, there is no need for construction or approval. These cumbersome procedures are saved. The use and disassembly of the inflatable pool are very simple, and the cleaning is very convenient, saving more manpower and material resources. At the same time, it can also be customized flexibly according to the requirements, and the size and shape can be different.

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Product Details

   Pink inflatable multi-channel slide  

Brand Name

KK Iinflatable



PVC thickness/Width


PVC tenside strength

2732 warp

PVC tear sthength

391 warp s

Printing technology

Digitally printing or hand printing is available


220-240v / 110-120v / CE /UL


Blower safety rules carry bags repair kits spikes ramp banner card holder


0.55mm Plato PVC durable for inflatable products exported standard carton for blower


depends on the quality, quantity and the size demands


CE, EN14960, SGS, UL, ROHS

Minimum Order Quantity

1 piece

Lead time

7-10 days for small order, 20-25 days for bulk order.

Payment Terms

T/T40% deposit and 60% before delivery


3-5 years

Pink inflatable multi-channel slide image:

Pink inflatable multi-channel slide.jpg

外贸水印标准_0005_kkws (2).jpg

外贸水印标准_0003_kkws (4).jpg

外贸水印标准_0004_kkws (3) - 副本.jpg
外贸水印标准_0004_kkws (3).jpg

   The inflatable bouncer is designed based on children's love of jumping and close contact with cartoon animals. It includes naughty room, slide, trampoline and other entertainment items, which are deeply loved and welcomed by children.

   Inflatable bouncer has safety, novelty, entertainment and other characteristics.

   This kind of inflatable trampoline can be placed in parks, squares, amusement parks, shopping malls, supermarkets and other indoor and outdoor places for children to play.

   Inflatable jump bouncer, inflatable castle, inflatable slide and other inflatable products are made of PVC fabric through scientific three-dimensional combination, and are transported by air blower. It is a children's entertainment center integrating entertainment, play, intelligence and other functions. Children in the inflatable bouncer, inflatable castle, can enjoy jumping, rolling, climbing and so on, so that children give full play to their playful nature.

   The inflatable style is various, and its installation is simple, the management is convenient, the maintenance is simple, especially its lifetime is long, may bring the rich repayment completely to you



Automatic clipping


Professional suture


Seamless heat sealing


Beautifully finished products


Quality testing


Packaging delivery

1. 18 years inflatable producing and exporting experience, our factory KK inflatable found in 2000, with 3000 square meter with 30 workers and 10 sale person.

2. Our main product is water and land amusement park, we were the NO.1 factory who designed and built the first water park in China---Honghaiwang water park.

3. Quality guarantee: we pass TUV certificate for the water toys and and CE for all items.

4. Material guarantee: we use 0.6-0.9mm PVC for water items and airtight items; 0.45-0.55mm PVC for land amusement items.

5. R & D team: 5 person, in 2018 we designed 14 new inflatable floating base, in 2019 our new product is smart chip control inflatable surfing machine and smart chip control inflatable Ski machine, clients can control these two machine by your phone only need to download our software App on your phone. We make the program by our technical stall, we are the only one factory who can produce this new kind products. Welcome to be our agent. 


KK Factory Workmanship :

Quality Control:

1. Material: We use strong high duty wateproof PVC tarpaulin for the inflatable.

The PVC is flame resistance, lead free, anti-UV and anti-aging.

2. Strong stainless anchor points provides safety, stability ad rigidity to the inflatable outdoor.

We have certificate for the anchor points to prove the quality.

3. Safe zipper flaps for quick deflation or sandbags. The zipper flaps are only available for the inflatable slides.

4. Strong carry/storage bag made of best PVC tarpaulin for transport and storage:

Anchoring System:

The strong anchoring system provides safety, stability and rigidity in the most adverse of weather conditions.

This system allows our units to withstand excessive wind loads without causing damage to the units.

Infatable Rocket slide made of commercial grade high duty PVC tarpaulin material, flame resistance,

lead free, anti-UV and anti-aging.

Heavy duty PVC tarpaulin webbings on the bouncy area, quadruple stitching on the bouncy area and junctions for reinforcements.

◆◆  More detail advantages
deflation tube.jpg

deflation tube

deflation tube2.jpg

deflation tube2

D-ring for fixing.jpg

D-ring for fixing

eyelet button for connection.jpg

eyelet button for connection

inflation tube with double D ring.jpg

inflation tube with double D ring

Customer inspection.jpg

Customer inspection

 1. 100% of manufacturers and factories sell directly.

2. Various styles, the latest design competitive price and high cost ratio.

3. Global sales of products.

4. Products have CE, UL, EN71, SGS, B1, REACH, ROHS certification.

Looking forward to your cooperation!

We specialize in producing all kinds of inflatable jumping bed, inflatable slide, inflatable castle, inflatable barrier, inflatable rock climbing, Inflatable Football field, inflatable swimming pool, inflatable pirate boat, sumo wrestling, urban bullfighter, inflatable sports products, inflatable arch, inflatable column, inflatable cartoon, inflatable landing on the earth, inflatable billboards, aerated float balls, filling. Aerospace entertainment products, etc.

Welcome to call for consultation or customization.

10% discount for new order, 15% discount for reorder!


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