Miniature Inflatable Slide

Miniature Inflatable Slide

Miniature inflatable slide for stairs made of PVC and other different materials. It is a project of setting the shape of the slide by blowing air in advance or in operation. It is mainly supported by various cartoon shapes and placed in parks and playgrounds for children to play

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Miniature inflatable slide

Brand Name KK Iinflatable
Size customized
PVC thickness/Width 0.55mm/2.06mm
PVC tenside strength 2732 warp
PVC tear sthength 391 warp s
Printing technology Digitally printing or hand printing is available
Blower 220-240v / 110-120v / CE /UL
AccessoriesBlower safety rules carry bags repair kits spikes ramp banner card holder
Packing0.55mm Plato PVC durable for inflatable products exported standard carton for blower
Price depends on the quality, quantity and the size demands
Certification CE, EN14960, SGS, UL, ROHS
Minimum Order Quantity 1 piece
Lead time7-10 days for small order, 20-25 days for bulk order.
Payment Terms T/T40% deposit and 60% before delivery
Warranty 3-5 years


The advantages of our 0.55mm PVC material(Details please check our PVC standard test report):

Low toxicity and environmental protection heavy metal contain qualify the international starndarder.
*Flame retardant&high tenperature resistance highest up to 70℃.
Cold resistance lowest up to -30℃. 
UV resistance never change color for 10 years when put outside.

Adopt professional designer production process: blanking, sewing (heat sealing), sticking (beautification), finished product.

Use as many double-line sewing as possible, with even stitches, and stitch length control between minimizing air leaks and increasing the strength of the sewing site. The width of the sticking glue and the width of the strip are not more than plus or minus 0.5 cm. The shape is connected to the large face to maximize the use of the arc structure. The purpose is to make the product evenly stressed and increase the service life of the product. There is a certain safety distance between each of the two shapes and between the shape and the guardrail. The product is realistic and the color is beautiful. And it can fully guarantee the safety of the players.

(1) This type of inflatable trampoline is designed by children like bounce and cartoon animals, and is very popular among children.

(2) The inflatable trampoline has various characteristics such as safety, novelty and entertainment.

(3) This type of inflatable trampoline can be placed indoors and outdoors in parks, squares, playgrounds, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. for children to play.

(4) Inflatable trampoline, inflatable castle, inflatable slide and other products, is a three-dimensional combination of science, made of PVC fabric, blown by blow dryer, is a children's entertainment center integrating entertainment, play, and other functions. . Children in inflatable trampolines, bouncy castles, can squat, jump, roll, climb, etc., so that children can make full use of their fun nature.

(5) Inflatable air molds are available in a variety of styles, and are characterized by simple installation, convenient management, and simple maintenance. In particular, his long service life can bring you rich returns. Such products are popular.

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