Closed Inflatable Tent

Closed Inflatable Tent

Inflatable tent belongs to a kind of tent, mainly used for damp-proof, waterproof, windproof, dust-proof, sunscreen, emergency relief, field short-term training, field short-term operations. The tent adopts the air column frame form, the air bag adopts the air-tight PVC double-sided coating cloth high-frequency welding thermal synthesis type, and the air table can be formed by rapid aeration. It has simple structure, folding resistance, good stability, wind resistance and ultraviolet resistance An upsurge has taken place, and the market prospect is getting better and better. The inflatable cylinder is one of the most exciting and fun water activities on the market today.

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Product Details

Closed inflatable tent

Brand NameKK Iinflatable
PVC thickness/Width0.9mm/2.06mm
PVC tenside strength2732 warp
PVC tear sthength391 warp s
Printing technologyDigitally printing or hand printing is available
Blower220-240v / 110-120v / CE /UL
AccessoriesBlower safety rules carry bags repair kits spikes ramp banner card holder
Packing0.55mm Plato PVC durable for inflatable products exported standard carton for blower
Pricedepends on the quality, quantity and the size demands
CertificationCE, EN14960, SGS, UL, ROHS
Minimum Order Quantity1 piece
Lead time7-10 days for small order, 20-25 days for bulk order.
Payment TermsT/T40% deposit and 60% before delivery
Warranty3-5 years

The advantages of our 0.55mm PVC material(Details please check our PVC standard test report):

Low toxicity and environmental protectionheavy metal contain qualify the international starndarder.
*Flame retardant&high tenperature resistancehighest up to 70℃.
Cold resistancelowest up to -30℃.
UV resistancenever change color for 10 years when put outside.

Inflatable tents are products of the current gas model industry, so we can also see different types of gas models in our lives. Inflatable tents are a great tool for camping.

The inflatable tent has moisture resistance, mosquito insulation, infrared protection and flame retardant properties. Adopt international popular form. The product has the characteristics of high stability, strong shearing and guiding force, and no rainwater storage. The inflatable tent should be inflated with an air pump for 15 - 20 minutes without an air pressure gauge, and then inflate the column with a fist. After hearing the sound of the air column, you can turn off the air pump. The air may be too full and the tent won’t blow. You can have a safety valve that is opposite the angle of the inflation position. When you open the safety valve, it automatically releases into a certain amount of air. It does not automatically deflate until the air pressure is set.

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