PVC Sumo Training Costume

Interesting Games is a new sport which combines the competitive competitions of traditional sports and interesting activities that can arouse people's interest. It is a social activity which integrates interest, competition, entertainment, fitness and so on. It combines sports, culture, interest, intelligence and other elements. It is very ornamental and participatory. The enterprise interest movement will free the members from the heavy daily work, let the members completely abandon the pressure in the work, let the happiness no longer suppress, will strengthen the confidence from then on, and quietly cohere the strength. Enterprise fun games take into account both fun and teamwork, that is, sports, entertainment, fitness and other integrated new interesting training activities, to stimulate the team cooperation of employees, dare to fight, always strive for the first spirit, enjoy the joy in play, and get the harvest in joy.

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PVC sumo training Costume      


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Inflatable toys: This knd of toys used to be the ideal operating equipment for all kinds of amusement venues. In recent years, it has become the alternative advertising materials selected by various businesses in the course of business celebrations, anniversaries and commodity promotions. It has abundant shapes and diverse game contents, which can enable people to participate in activities while reflecting its advertising effect. It can be sprayed arbitrarily on toys and pasted with advertisement contents. Because of its convenient installation, good fluidity, small storage volume and reasonable price, it is favored by merchants.


We specialize in producing all kinds of inflatable jumping bed, inflatable slide, inflatable castle, inflatable barrier, inflatable rock climbing, Inflatable Football field, inflatable swimming pool, inflatable pirate boat, sumo wrestling, urban bullfighter, inflatable sports products, inflatable arch, inflatable column, inflatable cartoon, inflatable landing on the earth, inflatable billboards, aerated float balls, filling. Aerospace entertainment products, etc.


All the materials used by Jiakai Gas Mould Co., Ltd. are 0.48mm standard thick PVC coating screening materials. The sliding cloth and other stress surfaces are made of 0.55mm standard thickness of PVC coating screening material. All of them have passed the strict national quality inspection procedures, and meet the international EN-71 fire and flame retardant standards, and the EU ROH environmental protection and low toxicity standards. Material conforms to the export standards of all countries in the world. No harm to children, environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless, and flame retardant performance is also very good.


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