Child Pirate Inflatable Bounce Houses

Inflatable jump bouncer, inflatable castle, inflatable slide and other inflatable products are made of PVC fabric through scientific three-dimensional combination, and are transported by air blower. It is a children's entertainment center integrating entertainment, play, intelligence and other functions. Children in the inflatable bouncer, inflatable castle, can enjoy jumping, rolling, climbing and so on, so that children give full play to their playful nature.

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Child pirate Inflatable Bounce Houses

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   Our company are using advanced hot wind welding technology, with high frequency hot melt, and a new formula of cold and adhesive technology. Before packing, they must undergo a strict 48-hour air leakage test.


(1) When playing, be sure to set up "play warning slogan" beside the air model;

(2) It is strictly prohibited for older children to play with young children to avoid collision and extrusion accidents;

(3) It is strictly prohibited for children to play in large Numbers, causing congestion;

(4) In rain, snow, wind and other weather, it is strictly prohibited to use the equipment outdoors to avoid accidents.

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