Fire Fighting Tent

Fire experience museum can achieve fire simulation! Many people must have seen all kinds of fire fighting equipment on TV and in newspapers, but few people can use it. Some people may not even know how to use a fire extinguisher. And the Fire Experience Hall introduces VR technology, and has basic fire fighting equipment, will take you to experience the use of all fire fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers. Fire equipment is placed in the doorway of the Fire Experience Museum, one is to display the role, so that visitors can intuitively, close contact with fire equipment, and even wear it to try on; the other is to be ready for fire, once the fire, these equipment can be put into use immediately. Inside is a variety of fire-fighting experience equipment, including simulated fire extinguishing equipment, high-rise escape equipment, smoke escape corridor and so on, the purpose is to teach people basic fire escape skills.

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Fire fighting tent

A. Material: Generally speaking (except customized requirements), we only provide first-class information that is European and American (environmental protection, safety)

B. machine: Hailing

C. Needle spacing: European and American standards for 4.5-5 needles / inch, if there is a loose edge, too much will easily cause product tear, too little just leak faster.

D. Producer: 18-year-old brand, workers have many years of production experience, familiar with a variety of gas mold production (science and technology - practical experience - standards, specifications)

The quality of the E. line: the Bondi 9 strand line used by real European and American standards.

F. painting or graphic design: digital printing and artificial painting (production according to requirements)

G. tailoring: manual cutting and easy skew will result in lower quality of products.

H. Designer's level: years of design experience, a variety of products rich practical experience, and custom-made customers in various industries to exchange learning, with advanced design concepts

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