Inflatable Bar Tent Custom Made Tent With Transparent Window Bar

A fantastic "inflatable bar" that can easily be placed on the grass in the back garden and even accommodate up to 50 people, takes only four adults 10 minutes to complete the installation. Inflatable bar, a 50 person inflatable bar, is 12 meters long and 4.57 meters wide. Inside the inflatable bar, there are analog tiled roofs, brick walls, chimneys and fireplaces to create a perfect bar atmosphere.

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Inflatable Bar Tent Custom made tent with transparent window bar 

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    KK formally has been in inflatable business for 18 years, and most of our material and accessory suppliers have coorperated with us more than 10 years, so we can save a lot of money on the raw materials and accessories, plus 18 years of experience on the production line,all the money saved from materials can be benifited to our customers. 


The products purchased by customers in KK, no matter which country they go to in the world, are part of KKi's responsibility, and KK gives you a WORD: as long as the quality of products can not be used properly, KK promises to replace a whole new one for you! Which can solve your after-sell problems in a properly way.

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