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Nine safety suggestion s for mobile water park
- Nov 08, 2018 -

1. wear the right clothes.

In the mobile water park, it is under the sun all day. You need to wear suitable clothes to isolate strong ultraviolet rays to prevent heatstroke. It's best to wear a sunshade cap. Children should avoid staring for long periods of time and control their exposure time in the sun.

2. apply sunscreen cream.

Before reaching the mobile water park, make sure that the waterproof sunscreen is applied. If you play in the water, you'd better be able to apply sunscreen every 80 minutes to ensure the sunscreen effect.

3. prevention of dehydration

If you play in the sun for a long time, even in the water, it is easy to cause dehydration. It is necessary to drink plenty of water. If possible, drink more soda water or vitamin drinks to supplement electrolytes. When you play in a mobile water park, the amount of water you drink is much larger than usual to ensure your body needs.

4. take care of your children.

You must always be vigilant and know where your child is. When children play in the water, you must accompany them. Don't let children play alone. Mobile water parks are equipped with lifeguards, but lifeguards need to be responsible for the safety of the whole park, he may miss some critical moment. Lifeguards are also not responsible for sitting next to your children all the time. Their role is to help in emergencies. No one wants an emergency, so please watch your child.

5. four no

There are some situations that may cause you to approach danger quickly if you fail to handle it properly. Don't be too tired, don't be too cold. Don't go too far from the lifeguard. Don't expose yourself to the sun for a long time. When you find that you or your child have been playing in the sunshine for a long time, you need to take a rest and replenish the water.

6. understanding the safety guide for paradise

Every mobile water park has its own safety guide. Before entering the park, you'd better read the safety guide carefully and remember the emergency exit. Every kind of play facilities has height, weight and age limits. We must abide by safety instructions and do not enter sites beyond our own limits. If you have any questions, you can consult the safety instructor of the park, and they will give you the right advice.

7. don't run around the park.

Running around the park is easy to think that the site is wet and slippery, and it is easy to bump into others. There are many auxiliary facilities in the amusement park, such as sun umbrellas, tables, beach chairs and so on. It is dangerous to bump into these facilities. And the playground is generally wet and slippery, so be careful not to run.

8. know the basics of swimming.

Before entering the mobile water park, every family member needs to know the most basic knowledge of swimming. The best thing is that everyone can swim, which is the safest. Adults and children need to avoid drowning. If you can't swim, please don't enter too deep swimming pool to ensure safety.

9. ensure that children stay in shallow water.

Mobile water parks usually have different areas and offer different depths. It's a very important safety rule to ensure that your child stays in shallow water. Some parks also have shallow inflatable cistern for children to play, and some water toys will be placed in them. You can take children to play in these areas, which will be much safer than other areas.

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