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Guangxi Guests Join Hands With Venice To Build The Best Water Park
- Nov 09, 2018 -

According to the reporter's understanding, the price of Jiakai model is not the lowest, so why would Guangxi visitor Venice amusement park choose Jiakai model as the only designated supplier for its project? According to the introduction of project team members, the reporter learned that Jiakai model was a well-known brand in the field of domestic gas model design and manufacture. With many domestic large amusement park project design and manufacturing experience, product safety and quality are absolutely guaranteed.

In addition to the standard matching of the ordinary water park, Venice, a visitor from Guangxi, also needs to build an air-moulded runway, which is a design with extremely high-tech problems. Therefore, contractors must not only have quality assurance, but also design capability. However, most domestic gas model suppliers lack design capability and can undertake similar projects. Therefore, they have not spent less time in finding contractors.

Among all the submissions, Jiakai Airmold has designed a set of special aeromold design for the Venice project team of Guangxi visitors, which is aimed at the local situation. This design has also drawn the attention of the Venice project team of Guangxi visitors not only to have the ability of large-scale aeromold design, but also to have a wealth of good design and manufacturing cases. Kai air module team.

After careful examination and approval by members of the project team, it was found that Guangzhou Jiakai Air Mould had a very good reputation in the industry. After receiving the amusement park project, professionals were sent immediately to conduct on-the-spot investigation of Venice Water Paradise, and a fun and innovative adult safety air model track was designed, and a new shape was installed in the pool. Ying, a unique toy toy for gas models, for adult children to play. At the same time, in the design of air mold, Jiakai air mold is also customized according to the actual situation of the amusement park, which has a good use effect and play effect. Nowadays, the adult track of the Venice Water Paradise Project in Guangxi is very popular with young people. Often, tourists are crowded with tourists and there are endless visitors. The strength of the Kai Kai model proves that the choice of Guangxi guests Venice is correct.

Nowadays, the Venice Water Paradise Project has been running for many years, but the quality is still the same, which is entirely due to the selection of project team and the strength of Jiakai Qimo.