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Guangzhou Kking Gas Mould Factory Below To Introduce You To Invest In Water Park Four Common Problems
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Question 1: how much space do you need to invest in a mobile water park? How much money do I need to invest?

This is the question that investors consult the most. There is no limit to the investment space and the amount of investment. That is to say, it is not fixed. It is mainly decided by the equipment selected by customers. If a project wants to make a real profit, it can not simply take formulas or templates to set up, it must be combined with the local market and site resources to make a rational investment analysis.

Question two: what can we do to make mobile water park best?

At present, there is a big misunderstanding that investors blindly pursue novelty when investing in mobile water amusement park. They do not combine the market and make reasonable analysis. This often leads to the failure of investment in water amusement park. Characteristics, good internal management and market promotion, so that mobile water park can achieve the best results.

Question three: how to do well the marketing and promotion of mobile water paradise?

First of all, we must do a good job of positioning the market and determine the unique selling point, this is the need for good project investment planning. The second is to do a good job in the mobile water park brand communication work, for the service industry word of mouth is very important, investors can be through the popular multimedia channels to disseminate, so that visitors to understand more, but also through the creation of media events, such as inviting some stars or on-site activities, cited Media attention and coverage. Again, we can cooperate with some group-buying websites to formulate some preferential policies and give visitors certain convenience and preferential treatment, so as to attract more attention.

Question four: how long does it usually take to invest in mobile water parks?

Generally speaking, in the normal operation of the case, mobile water park can recover costs in two months of operation, this is also mainly related to investment planning has a direct relationship.

The above four issues are the most concerned by investors at present, more about the investment in mobile water park can be called for detailed enquiries!