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Kai Kai Gas Model Shared With You Safety, KKING Fire Tent, 18 Years Of Attention
- Oct 29, 2018 -

The most common fire drill is running the stairs, but does this often fun exercise really give you a sense of the key elements of a fire escape? Not enough. Now there's a smoke-filled escape experience tent that's fully simulated when a fire breaks out, and it's ready for experimenters to follow.

This is a red inflatable tent, an area of 64 feet, the entrance and the entrance of the two "doors" with a sticky fastener. As soon as the door was opened, dry ice smoke poured out, and every experiencer entering the tent had to simulate a real fire scene, with a wet towel covering his mouth and nose.

As the experiencer entered together, he experienced a "fire escape". The tent was filled with smoke, with no fingers in sight, and some people rushed out their mobile phones to light up. They could only see the area of 50 centimeters in front of them. Lost in a clueless space, the darkness evokes fear, and the sound effects of the scene simulate the noise of a fire with the sound of a fire horn. Experiencers are trapped in it, afraid to move forward, screaming one after another.

"Look for signs, and watch out for signs of escape at your feet." In the darkness, I didn't know who shouted. Originally at the bottom of the tent, apart from a certain distance, placed a solar energy escape sign, it is noticed that this light, along the direction of the guide, the experiencer just hold the atmosphere, and eventually smooth "escape".

"The key to real escape is to know how to escape safely. According to Jiakai Gas Mould Factory, the tent has four dark rooms and a closed corridor, which makes the maze route very complicated and is the largest experience inflatable tent with the most complex area at present.

Mr. Chen, the fire squadron instructor, admitted that the experience is closer to the real lost passage, the environment and fear of smoke when a fire occurs, and it is more important for people to pay attention to the method of escape, to know what to see, what to listen to and how to go when a fire breaks out. Easy to accept. " He said that the next step would be to invite more neighborhoods to participate in the experience of tents and popularize fire awareness and safety knowledge.

KKING gas model shared with you safety, Kai Kai fire tent, 18 years of attention.