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Tanksgiving Day
- Oct 18, 2018 -

Thanksgiving Day is a native American festival, originally to thank the Indians, there is no fixed date, after the independence of the United States by Lincoln declared a national holiday, in 1941, the United States Congress finally declared the fourth Thursday in November every year as "Thanksgiving Day".

What is the impact and opportunity of Thanksgiving on amusement equipment industry and manufacturers?

In recent years, with the popularization of important foreign festivals in China, more and more businesses and supermarkets will launch a variety of large-scale promotional activities according to the festival to stimulate consumption and product sales, so this is for advertising and children's recreational equipment, large-scale inflatable toys, inflatable touchball, water walking ball, water. Top roller, inflatable castle, children's rock climbing, electronic amusement equipment and other large theme playgrounds a big business opportunity. Taking advantage of the holidays to elaborately plan a celebration of a cartoon character-based activities, it is bound to make a lot of eyeballs, in addition, the author reminds the businessmen concerned to inflate advertising, inflatable cartoon, inflatable air dancers and other gas model purchase must grasp the current consumption of novelty and taste of fresh things in the heart, to choose and buy inflatable We should take into account the popular cartoons and characters in the media at that time. Xiaguang amusement equipment design department has always adhered to innovation to promote development, constantly improve to meet the future, Xiaguang people continue to work hard to drive the market, leading the inflatable amusement equipment industry to a stronger and higher. Responsible for children's safety play guarantee